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With effect from 1st September 2019, it will be illegal for organisations to collect, use or disclose NRIC and other national identification numbers of individuals or make copies of the NRIC/ID card under stricter rules by the Personal DataProtection Commission (PDPC). However, this shall not apply to insurance application on your existing prepayment protection policy scheme accredited by CASE.

PDPC would generally consider it necessary to accurately establish or verify the identity of individual to a high degree of fidelity in situation where the inability to accurately identify an individual to a high degree of fidelity may pose a risk of significant impact or harm to an individual and/or the organisation (e.g. fraudulent claims). Such transactions typically relate to healthcare, financial or real estate matters, such as property transactions, insurance applications and claims, applications and disbursements of substantial financial aid, background credit checks with credit bureau, and medical check-ups and reports.

For more information, please refer to the below mentioned link or contact PDPC directly.

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